Quick and effective solutions for marine service requirements.

Providing these services to shipowners and ship management companies in ports around the world, ensuring fast, and efficient quality of service..

AVS Greece

has been established in Athens in 2018. We are a major Ship Supply Company and we are sharing more than 35 years of experience in various sectors of the Marine Industry. Our vision is to play a significant role in the development of the Ship Supply Sector by creating a strong network between our clients, our team and our suppliers in order to provide the best possible service to the Greek Shipping Market.

We can provide Global Ship Supply and Catering Services through our network of partners in more than 1400 ports and more than 124 countries all over the globe. Throughout the years we have created exceptional relations with our suppliers all over the world, due to volume and frequency of orders, and for that reason we are in position to guarantee the quality of goods delivered on board for the best possible price. Our team is available on 24/7 basis, to resolve any matters that may come up before, after or during any delivery on board.


Global Ship Supply

We provide global ship supply services at ports all over the world for ship owners and ship management companies, with guaranteed fast, efficient and reliable service quality.

We provide supply services at more than 1400 ports and 124 countries.

Apart from main supply ports, we can supply all over the globe and we can be competitive in places like SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTH AFRICA AND WEST AFRICA.

We have developed strong relationships with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers all over the world and we channel the strength of this network into making sure that our customers enjoy the comforts of having one single contact point for all their supply needs.

Some Key points:
  • AVS acts as a physical supplier (we are not brokers or agents)
  • AVS issues the delivery notes for every delivery in any port.
  • AVS issues the invoices with a single point of payment.
  • AVS takes full responsibility of the delivery and replaces any inappropriate item at own cost at next port of call.
  • AVS may provide same payment terms for all over the globe, which can be customized and adjusted to your company’s needs.
  • We can arrange payments on single currency (USD) for all our ports of service, all over the globe so our clients do not have to exchange currencies.
  • Our customers have one single/dedicated contact person in our office for any inquiry.

Marine Catering is a service that not only saves time and workload from the supply/purchasing operators but also provides better quality “on board life” for the crew members, at the same or in some cases at lower cost.

It is actually a contract between AVS and the vessel, with an agreed budget (per person, per day) for all the provisions for the whole year.

We carry out provision services for shipping and management companies within an agreed budget. We follow the vessel’s requests through the software we have developed specifically for victualing and provide the provisions your crew needs.

The advantages of these services:
  • Fixed annual provisions cost without any surprises.
  • Stability in quality
  • One single point of contact
  • One single point of payment which is fixed and monthly.
  • The same payment terms all over world
  • Supply according to MLC 2006 standards

How we do it

  • We send our software on board which in simple words is an Order Form, including all products available in each port.
  • Captain or Chief Cook fills in the order form with the products needed on board, based on the agreed quantities. (in case quantities are less or more than what the company’s management has agreed with AVS, the order form does not allow order to be sent)
  • Upon receipt of the list, it is considered for us a firm order and we arrange delivery on board.
  • Company and Managers can monitor any delivery and any request from the vessel and can interfere at any time if needed.
  • We evaluate all deliveries in order to achieve stability in quality and we make sure crew is always happy and fulfilled.

Try catering with AVS and you will never return to conventional provisions supply. We can start without any obligation or binding contracts on a trial basis for one or two vessels, and if it feels comfortable, profitable and crew is happy we can discuss further. In case of interest we can visit your premises and present our proposal in detail. Also pls change “ACTIVITIES” to “OUR SERVICES”

About Us

AVS Greece is a company based in Voula, Athens. We are a progressive and dynamic service provider in one of the most competitive areas of the shipping business. Our core business is to supply Stores and Provisions all over the globe. AVS does more than 600 deliveries of goods on a monthly basis, in 1400 ports in more than 124 countries.

AVS provides ship supply services at all major ports all over the world like Singapore, Rotterdam and Fujairah, as well as in difficult ports such as Lome and Lagos, Nacala and Beira, Santos, Port Said, Port Luis, Casablanca and many others.

We have created a huge network of clients in the Greek Shipping Market, cooperating with more than 30 shipping Companies managing about 1000 vessels in total. We are proud having achieved such an accomplishment and we are ready to provide our best services to the Greek Shipping Owners.

Our Vision

AVS Greece has a vision of efficiency in all of its services and reliability to help out with any complications that might arise before its clients, anywhere in the world. When a ship owner feels that their vessels and crew are in safe hands, this is a priceless award for all of us.

Our Values

We, at AVS Greece, are focusing on our clients through our core values which are honesty, transparency and reliability.


We are well aware of the significance of people factor in our business and we would love for you to become a part of our dynamic and dedicated team. If you are interested, you can reach us at the below address and send us your resume and we will consider you for any open positions we might have.


Contact us

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Phone number

+30 21 1016 8080

Office Address

Leof. Vouliagmenis 51, Voula 166 73,